How to Design Your En-Suite Shower Room

Are you thinking about having a shower room installed in your home, or have your bathroom refurbished? En-suite shower rooms have become a lot more popular nowadays. Developing a more glamorous type of shower room doesn’t have to be really high priced. As long as you adhere to the fundamentals, and have a fixed budget plan, it’s always possible to achieve a modern-day feel and look to your shower room in your home.

Lots of people choose to walk in a shower room that is clean and has a bright color. As a matter of fact, many experts often recommend white-colored tiles and decorations. This can help brighten up a room and make it look somewhat bigger than it really is. Nevertheless, if you’re the type of person who enjoys other colors, then you can ask the bathroom fitters who are fixing your bathroom to include different colors when creating a design for your shower room. Take a look at which color mixture appeals to you most. And then choose the ideal materials and accessories that can match your desired style.

Smart Tips to Help You Pick a Bathroom Theme

In case you are wanting to make a new wet room in your home, or have a bathroom conversion, it is best to first take a look at the designs for shower rooms. This can help you choose which particular design or color is best for you. Take the time to closely take a look at every single pattern or color pattern, so you will end up satisfied with the style that you have picked out.

You can come across loads of different shower room styles online. Search for bathroom installation companies with good customer evaluations, and make an effort to call a minimum of 3 of them. Look for experienced bathroom fitters from that company and ask for professional advice. If you’re into modern-day and exciting shower room designs, it can be a good idea to ask particularly about which wet room themes or color schemes are presently in demand.

Decorating Tips and Tricks for Small Shower Rooms

It’s true that small bathrooms can sometimes be a real challenge to redecorate. You need to see to it that your bathroom essentials are a match. It’s also important to find different approaches to help make your bathroom look spacious, besides thinking about the design or style. The good news is that there are things you can do to free up some space, and make your bathroom look better.

It can be a brilliant concept to use a flat mirror on your wall, instead of a medicine cabinet. Hanging a large mirror on the wall can make your bathroom look a bit bigger than it really is, rather than using a cabinet that seems to be looking bulky.

It’s a smart idea to make use of a sink that has curved angles rather than those with sharp edges. To have a smoother and flawless look, you might want to make use of a teardrop-shaped sink.

If you need to have doors for your storage or shower, use sliding doors instead of conventional swing doors. The swing of a conventional door can eat up some space. Simply by using swing doors, you can create some space for other important bathroom products.

Installing Your Shower and Tub

When attempting to install a tub or shower in your shower room on your own, it’s important to see to it that you’ve got all of the tools and building materials needed. Some of the important tools you need are drain wrench, screwdriver, pliers, hacksaw, utility knife, hammer and drill. Some of the basic building materials that you have to prepare would be the plumber’s putty, a pencil, galvanized nails, tub and shower faucet, and the overflow and drain pipes.

Before starting, you need to ask the assistance of a reliable plumber to take a look and make sure that the basic plumbing is in place, and you also need to have your wall frames built. Realise that installing a bathtub can be a demanding task. On top of that, most bath tubs are quite heavy, so it can be really challenging to move it around on your own. It can be really useful to have somebody who can help you. If you are having a difficult time installing your shower and tub properly by yourself, it is important to look for an expert in shower installation to do this for you.

Heat Up Your Bathroom With Underfloor Heating

The concept of using underfloor heating in a shower room is getting common nowadays. Bathroom tiled floors look good and are still preferred by many. Many people agree with the fact that it can be very uncomfortable to walk on the cold tiled floor, especially throughout the winter months.

Having an underfloor heating system installed in your shower room is the right answer to this. It doesn’t only offer you warmth and comfort. It is also created to be power efficient. An added advantage is that this doesn’t cost much, and it’s also budget friendly to operate.

It only takes one day to install an underfloor heating mat in an average sized shower room. In addition to having an underfloor heating installed, you perhaps would want to have a heated towel rail as well. You can even have a temperature controller installed too. This will not only keep your bathroom floor warm, but your entire bathroom as well.

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